Reporting is a particular strength of Productive Technology. We ensure that our clients can make the most of the information in their databases.

The screenshots are of our existing report writer which is normally built into applications. Future bespoke projects (2018 onwards) will use Prod Tech Reporting, a fully featured enterprise grade application that far superior to typical built in reporting facilities.


Parameters page of a typical report

Kept simple with the default month pre-populated. The default month is the previous month, except in the last few days of a month the default becomes the current month.

Interactive analysis reports

Interactive reports are intended for business analysis and investigations. There are multiple options to filter to the data of interest “slice and dice” with options to drill down to details at many levels. This alternative to sophisticated Business Intelligence systems based on multi-dimensional (cube) data mart provides fast and effective business intelligence, ample for many organisations, at a small fraction of the cost of the specialised systems.


Graphical representation is best for some information


Analysis of which page

Analysis of an e-commerce website usage showing which page customer’s drop out on.


Database validation

This sub-system performs various validations on the data in the database with drill down of any errors found.


Report pages indexed into the report menu

An older system for small monitors