Business automation

Business automation

“Work should be done by others or machines, preferably machines.” The “preferably machines” part is our contribution to the easy life?

If a business’s computer systems already knows a date, why type it in again? If a price needs to be calculated the computer has advantages over a human clerk of better speed, fewer errors and, always looking for competitive advantage, potential for more sophisticated pricing policies.

Business productivity is not optimised by doggedly computerising existing procedures. Those procedures are inevitably a product of yesterday’s market conditions, the limits of manual operation and the vagaries of the computer systems currently in use. But beware the trumpeted ground-up re-think. Aside from clichés of reinventing the wheel, the results of such an exercise are usually prohibitively expensive to implement.

Productive Technology’s approach is one of evolution based on a sound understanding of the business in question and expert knowledge of what modern computer applications can achieve.

It is constantly necessary to be mindful of the wider business and include in the vision how a client will move from now to then.