In today’s global economy rest assured that Productive Technology’s financial systems will handle multiple currencies. Whatever your requirement we have probably done it before:

  • ISO country codes
  • ISO currency codes
  • Display of currency symbol
  • Tax rates by country, time and product
  • Bank charges
  • Exchange rate gains and losses
  • Exchange rate variance
  • Single currency reporting at historic or current exchange rates
  • Long fields for low unit value currencies


If you need your application to be multi-lingual how far do you need to go?

  • On screen labels
  • Messages
  • Help
  • Entered data
  • Full Unicode character se
  • Automatic translation

and if right to left languages are to be used

  • Alignment of data-entry fields
  • Alignment of labels
  • Reversal of label and field
  • Reversal of left to right page layout

Multi-lingual entered data

Ecosse, Skotsko, Шотландия, Scotland, ….

It is no great step to enter the list of countries in multiple languages, but what about a supplier’s name? Productive Technology have developed technology to enable user entered data to be entered in multiple languages, and the most appropriate available language displayed to each user. This is particularly useful for companies who operate across countries with different character sets.