A vital element to achieving competitive advantage in 21st century business are effective computer systems:

  • Minimise cost
  • Minimise speed of response
  • Maximise accuracy
  • Maximise understanding

Businesses will have a number of computer applications supporting their businesses some of which will probably interact with each other.

  • Sometimes the combined set is not delivering as management would like and it is difficult to understand what the issue is.
  • Sometimes it is clear where the issue is, but far from clear what to do about it.
  • Maybe an enhancement is under consideration and an independent appraisal would be appropriate.

Productive Technology can undertake a quick and inexpensive appraisal of your situation which would consist of:

  • Understanding of business fundamentals and current management objectives
  • Schematic of key business applications and their interactions
  • For each key application (briefly)
    • Relevance to business objectives
    • Usability
    • Technical competence
    • Cost of maintenance and upgrade
  • Summary of the effectiveness of the overall combination
  • Recommendations as appropriate

Our consultant will be a senior IT professional currently active in the implementation of business applications, who also has gained serious business experience outside of IT.

Is your software development project suffering from any of the following?

  • Over budget
  • Late
  • Conflict between developers and potential users
  • Stress in the team
  • Things “not quite right” but unclear as to cause or remedy
  • Not sure who to believe

Or do you require reassurances that the work being done or proposed is fit for purpose?
We offer a quick and inexpensive audit which will cover

  • Project objectives
  • Team identification (users and developers)
  • Quality of project management
  • Quality of code
  • State of progress

Where major issues are found clear recommendations will be made.

The Audit

The audit will be led by a senior IT Professional with at least 15 years experience of application development including hands-on programming and project management.
Code review, if relevant, will be carried out by a programmer of at least 10 years professional experience and currently active in the language being reviewed.

We regret that we do not have specialist expertise in this area. Please reconsider us in the future if you require assistance with your business software applications.