Data analysis

Data analysis

Every IT consultant enthuses about the goldmine of information hidden in their databases, if only they could find and use it.

Productive Techology believe that to be useful information has to be directly accessible by decision makers.



We aim to supply systems that deliver the information required directly not via secondary calculations in Excel spreadsheets, as all too often happens.

What is wrong with spreadsheet manipulation?

  • Time
  • Accuracy
  • Traceability
  • Lack of documentation
  • Often only one person can perform the manipulation

Despite our dislike of spreadsheets, for your peace of mind and general compatibility Productive Technology’s report generators include export to Excel. (We also have modules to import from Excel and CSV files.)


Routine reports

For standard reporting:

  • Cheap to set up
  • Quick to run
  • Consistent formatting
  • Limited interactive analysis


Interactive analysis

The entry-level tool for what-ifs and management level decision making:

  • Choose time periods at run-time
  • Choose other data bounds, e.g.
    • Product
    • Customer
  • Choose drill down at run-time
  • Fast, Secure and always available
  • Formatting consistent with routine report
  • Complex scenarios are better delivered using OLAP


Special reports

The professional alternative to all those spreadsheets:

  • Can achieve any reporting requirement including
    • Multi-database
    • Calculation
    • Summation
    • Comparison
  • Fully documented
  • Fast, Secure and always available
  • Formatting consistent with routine report
  • Programmer required to set-up and alter


The bees-knees of interactive data-mining “On-Line Analytical Processing” OLAP makes immense power available directly to decision making management without ongoing need for IT specialists or spreadsheets.

OLAP is a calculation intensive activity once upon a time only available to those with powerful computers and large budgets. Increases in desktop computing power combined with software advances make OLAP a realistic option for virtually all companies.

Productive Technology have the expertise and tools to advise, design and deliver effective OLAP power economically.

So many options, which do I need?

Everyone needs Routine Reports.

Special Reports are delivered through the same report generator as Routine Reports, so can be economically added if and when required.

We highly recommend that all companies use either Interactive Analysis or OLAP. They are alternatives to achieve the same end.